We have been a Licensed General Contractor for 70 Years.

Our experience encompasses all areas of construction and we have a passion for quality construction. We are an innovative contractor utilizing new ideas and methods to benefit our clients and the industry.

Vik Construction Company is your ally for construction and development projects. Whether you’re looking for help with development or need an experienced professional to take on your building project, Vik is your go to contractor.

From mixed-use developments to affordable housing.

Vik offers services ranging from turn key development to owner representation.

As construction manager we understand our responsibility to effectively control time, cost, and quality of work from early design to completed construction.

To accomplish this we have successfully employed numerous project control strategies, mechanisms, and communications. 

The reason why we build.

A building is an empty shell without people. We build to provide safe, efficient and cost effective spaces for people to thrive in their everyday lives.

Our Approach

Quality work demands experience and dedication. Vik Construction employs a team of professionals who are leaders in their area of work, people who are satisfied with nothing less than excellence. As such, fourteen employees are recipients of the American Institute of Architects Craftsmanship Award for outstanding achievements in the trades. 

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Media Buzz

January 4th 2018

Groundbreaking occurred on the 20 unit affordable townhouse project located at Burnside and 109th in Portland, Oregon for the NUHECDC (The National Urban Housing & Economic Community Development Corporation). They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping improve the quality of life in urban communities by providing job training, living wage jobs, affordable housing, and small business development.

Net Positive?

The Ankeny Apartments projects will be a highly energy efficient and smart building, ushering in a new era for Portland's green initiatives. The building will use large-scale solar and high efficiency  mechanical equipment and high R value insulation. The Ankeny project will produce more electricity than the building needs along with sending the balance back to the power grid. This "Next Generation" green project places the future of building squarely in the now.

LEED Platinum Award


The building captures and uses rainwater to provide water to the car-wash and for 100% of the landscape irrigation needs, the rainwater is stored in two 10,000 gallon recycled steel cisterns. The buildings HVAC system uses an innovation heat wheel system to capture heat before it leaves the building and to pre-heat air coming into the building. A Photovoltaic system covers 90% of the building's roof and provides 30% of the buildings energy needs. Water use was reduced by 50% using high efficiency fixtures and the building was the first privately owned facility to install water-less urinals in the state. Construction waste was reduced by 95% and there were no added VOC products used during construction.


Vik Construction has been recognized for the following awards and maintains
one of the best safety compliance mod rates available

• Fourteen Vik Construction employees are recipients of the American Institute of Architects Craftsmanship Award for Excellence in their respective superintendent and/or craftsman job functions.

• Portland BOMA Award for best design and construction for the Centennial Bank in Tigard, OR
• Architectural Concrete Award, ACI- Eugene Hilton Hotel
• Architectural Concrete Award, ACI- Jackson County Jail

• 1998 National Vista Award for the American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association for work performed at St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR.

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